The good die young.

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11 November 1988
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I'm an early Christian, like with martyrs and love feasts. I'm Autistic/disabled/a zombie (I have to eat your brains because I don't have any of my own) and I'm an aide/staff for other disabled people. Basically I'm in love with anti-ableism and a while ago I started a disability blog called I'm Somewhere Else and I stopped writing in my livejournal all the time. I also have a tumblr and it's mostly about Skins and my stupid hairstyles.

I really really like television and I write appalling notions, fully realized, and pop music.

, adapt, alison brie, amanda palmer, animorphs, annie hardy, applied behavior analysis, ariel schrag, arrested development, asds, aslan, asperger syndrome, autism, autism rights, autism spectrum disorders, avenue q, bass amps, battlestar galactica, bearded collies, being kind, bonjour monsieur shlomi, books, brian andreas, bruce coville, buffy the vampire slayer, buster bluth, c. s. lewis, camera obscura, camp, cape cod, carrie brownstein, catchiness, chauntelle dupree, children's books, christian universalism, christianity, church history, classics, cty, d/s, deism, disability rights, e. nesbit, eisley, el goonish shive, ellen page, faith, femslash, firefly, folk festivals, francesca lia block, gaius baltar, gert/chase, giant drag, ginny/tonks, girls, girlyman, glasses, god, green hair, harriet the spy, harry/neville, henry darger, i drew this, iain matthews, intellectual disabilities, inverts, joan of arcadia, julian coryell, juno, latin, laura marling, lemongrass, lesbian pulp fiction, lianna, love, mad men, martin mcdonagh, michael cera, mint, names, narnia, neuroticism, neutral milk hotel, oberlin college, overdrive, ozy and millie, passing, pdd-nos, peggy olson, pete campbell, pete/peggy, pete/trudy, phoebe strole, quakerism, queercore, reverb, richard thompson, river/kaylee, roald dahl, runaways, salt, salvatore romano, sam merlotte, sandman, serenity, sharon valerii, shel silverstein, shoegaze, shoelaces, simon/kaylee, slash, sleater-kinney, sleep, social model of disability, special ed, spiritual gifts, spring awakening, stacy dupree, stimming, superbad, suzanne vega, tam lin, tara thornton, the bfg, the dresden dolls, the poisonwood bible, the price of milk, the quiet room, the ramones, tory foster, tpobaw, true blood, truro, twee, united states of tara, vincent kartheiser, violet/klaus, willow/oz, women, writing, y: the last man

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